Library Investigation

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Library InvestigationLibrary Investigation. People have a different attitude when it comes about libraries – some of them simply love them while others could not understand what is so important about reading books so they can’t feel the magic that place. But let’s look from the point of view of the ones that love books and libraries. Numerous books are equal to numerous minds, numerous ways of thinking, different from yours. Some of them are good, some could be not so good but that is similar like communication with people – some are good, others are bad, but we can learn something new from all of them. That sounds like real treasure, if we could only have time to check out half of those books!

Today’s game takes place in the city library. This place is usually nice and quiet, and it is visited only by people that like to read, or people that are at some point obligated to do that like students for example. It’s not a city mall, or some other place that attracts all kinds of people, just the ones interested in books but this morning the library was visited by unexpected guests. Actually there has been a robbery in the library and they have stolen one very old and very important book, that is so rare to find. The number of examples of this book is so small, and there is a chance that there isn’t any other available, so imagine the value of this one!

Detectives are called to help find book and they are collecting evidences at the moment, trying to find something that could help solve the case. Let’s look around together and see if we could find something useful!

Library Investigation is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.