House of Thieves Game

House of Thieves House of Thieves. There are numerous ways how to become a friend with someone, and sometimes those ways are not that pleasant and interesting. In many cases we become friends with someone because the trouble is connecting us, something that we have done, or someone did to us. It is terrible to say but Barbara , Mathew and Lisa are exactly this kind of people – the accident has connected them and now they have to act together, in order to deal with the bad situation but let’s start from the beginning.

Everything says that there is a criminal group that operates through the houses in that area. The evil thieves are working very smart, they enter into the houses unnoticed but they leave havoc behind them. The evidences say that it is about real professionals but that could not calm the poor citizens whose places have been robbed. They are desperate to learn who is responsible for the robberies or perhaps to get back some of their belongings.

Barbara, Mathew and Lisa are some of the citizens that have been robbed and some personal stuff has been taken from their homes. Luckily, the police have found the house where the thieves live and hide the captured so those three are called to come in the house in order to find their belongings. The house has five rooms and there are numerous different objects in each room. You, together with Barbara, Mathew and Lisa, will have to see the house and search the rooms in details, so you could find some of the stolen objects.

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