Village of Wishes Game

Village of Wishes Village of Wishes Game: No matter if Santa Claus exists or not, children are enchanted by the story of him. Together with the stories about the New Year’s Eve. They wait for the New Year the whole year. Write letters with wishes for Santa Claus and the Elves that receive them and wait for their presents or other wishes that have to be fulfilled.

Alen is an elf that lives in the village together with Santa Claus’s descendants. It is about a wonderful small mountain village that receives numerous letters with wishes, during the year. These are letters with children’s New Year wishes that come every day and yes, their number is huge! Alen has a task to organize the issues related to realization of the wishes, so he has a very responsible job. That means that he has to take care of every wish. Because every wish is equally important and needs to be treated on the right way, on time.

Let’s take part in this magical story and help Alen and the elves deal with the letters as soon as possible. Because the New Year is near and every child waits for its present.

Play Village of Wishes Game