The Cloak of Night Game

The Cloak of Night The Cloak of Night. The comfort zone is what most of us want to keep it for longer. There it is comfortable, it is safe, you don’t have to give too much effort because what you are doing is the best, due to the routine. But, sometimes, unusual things happen, or let’s say, normal things happen and something might go out of our control. Imagine, every single day you have the same rhythm and routine of going to work at 8 a.m. with the city bus, and go back home at 4 p.m. And, you are a well organized person you will surely be at the bus station 7 to 10 minutes earlier than the departure time and everything is alright. But, what if you are late? What if you can’t catch the usual bus that will take you to work or your destination preferred? Then, the comfort zone is left. Then, you need to manage somehow to come home.

Our hero for the day is a girl named Debra. She works a lot of years for a serious company and usually finishes on time from work. Debra usually returns home from work with the city bus.

But, from unknown reasons, this night, she kept longer at work and unfortunately missed the bus that’s passing through her county. Now, she has to walk to her home and to pass the city park. The city park is a scary place, especially by night. Debra is scared to death and feels kind a lost. She can’t find the exit of the park. It is time for us to help Debra to leave the park. Help Debra find her way and come home safe.

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