Snow in the Desert Game

Snow in the Desert Snow in the Desert. Lately, the climate changes have made many changes in the nature. So we have seen parts of the North Pole melting, we have seen frozen the Niagara Falls, faced the highest temperatures in Australia and so on. Making us change many of the believes that we had about the nature and climate all around the world. We explain those changes with the general climate changes but in the following game something else has happen…

Esma, Selma and Nadia are three sorceresses that come from the desert. And as we all know, there is no snow in the desserts because the temperatures there are always very high. However, before certain period of time, the three girls have faced for first time with the curse of the sorceress known by the name Rahima. This sorceress has made something rather unusual, making the dessert to be covered with snow and that is something that definitely has happen for the first time.

The three sorceresses Esma, Selma and Nadia are in front of the most important mission in their lives – to break the curse provided by the evil Rahima. For that purpose, the girls have to find the objects needed for breaking Rahima’s curse, so let’s help them finish this job quicker, before the evil Rahima starts with something even worse.

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