Mysterious Caller Game

Mysterious Caller Mysterious Caller. Hm, what could be strange or threatening when it comes to telephone booths?! You may say probably nothing since it’s just a place where people go when they have to make a call and they don’t have mobile phone for ex ample or they have to make international call, or in some cases, when they don’t like their identity to be discovered… That’s why criminals usually use telephone cabins, but that’s a completely different story… Leslie was coming back home when she passed by one telephone booth that is located near one abandoned house in her neighborhood.

She has passed by this booth before but nothing unusual happen while this time things appear to be completely different, really strange. Namely, the telephone in the cabin started ringing. There was an unknown voice on the other side, asking her to enter into the house and help him get out of the house because he is actually captured?! Well this is definitely something very strange and at first this girl didn’t have a clue what should she do. Maybe it is true but maybe someone is joking with her, even though joke is not interesting at all! However, Leslie decided to take the challenge and enter into the house and see what is happening there and help the mysterious caller escape from there. Let’s enter into the house together and help Leslie deal with this extraordinary situation.

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