Mountain Sunset Game

Mountain Sunset Mountain Sunset. Marriage proposals are one of the biggest cute headache for men, or most often, for men. Everyone wants to make it special, unique, the way no one before has done it. And sometimes we enter the cliches, proposing on an airport or in a discotheque, or even on a more massive event, like basketball game or even more crowded event – baseball game.

Sometimes it ends up successfully, actually, the most of the time it ends with a happy end and she says ‘yes’. But, it is very funny and sad for the one that proposes when the lady says ‘no’, on a public proposal. Then, not only the young guy is ashamed in front of everyone in the hall, actually, he is embarrassed in front of the whole world. And with the modern technology and all the social networks, no one can stay out of this game. Simply, no one wants to be in the skin of this man.

Then, you have more original and special proposals, like giving ring to the lady under the sea, or a lake. That is really something. Imagine you are SCUBA diver, and together with your partner you are spending your summer vacation on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. And all of sudden, while you are focusing on seeing some rare fish underneath, a diamond rings appears in front of you? That would be something more special than proposing on a concert of the favorite music group the girl loves.

Sometimes the girl proposes first. Not literally, but actually. You get to show the guy the two lines of the pregnancy check test, and he says ‘yes’right away. In todays’ game we are introducing you Roberto and Gabriela. He is romantic person and is planning to propose his sweetheart on a mountain resort.

Mountain Sunset is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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