Imperial Gold

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Imperial GoldImperial Gold. Pirates are giving heart ache to a lot of countries and armies. Their mission is to steel the goods, to attack rich ships and take the best and the most valuable from passengers. One thing is for sure. They have strong adventurous spirit and it is rarely for someone to want to stop that kind of life. Is there anyone that didn’t see the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with extraordinary Johnny Depp who created his lifetime achievement award by many critics. Unfortunately, real pirates are not so funny as Jack Sparrow is. They actually are responsible for criminal violence at sea. Usually the narrow channels are the places where they attack, like the waters of Gibraltar, Madagascar and many more. And don’t think that pirates don’t obey some laws and that they do whatever they want.

Today we are offering you an interesting adventure. Our main character needs your help. Joshua is captain in the Imperial Navy. Following his Majesty, the King’s order, he is being sent to look for the gold that was stolen by the pirates. That gold was intended for buying weapon for the royal army, which is constantly fighting the bad pirates. Joshua arrives on the island where there are presumptions that pirates have hidden the royal gold. Somehow pirates have found out where is the imperial gold and what was its’ purpose and that’s why they outflanked a whole royal army.

Joshua’s dangerous investigation is about to begin. Help Joshua impress the King and he will get an award for being in excellent service. The King sent the best man for this task, that’s why, it is not going to be very difficult to achieve the goal.