Autumn Romance

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Autumn RomanceAutumn Romance. Life on farm is peaceful, you get to work every day, you get obligations for the whole day, but you get a lot of sun as well and good health. It is no wonder that people in villages and farmers are healthier and live longer. They eat simple food, work on open air and not in some enclosed office surrounded by computers and dust and bad energy of some unbearable bosses. How many of you haven’t had such an experience?

Autumn Romance. You guess, our game for today we are placing exactly on a farm. Theresa is a girl born and raised on a farm. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the village and has a lot of admirers, but her biggest love is the young farmer Ben. Nowadays, Ben needs help on his farm. Theresa decides to be part of the group of friends that will help Ben with his farmers’ obligations. Our player has the role of one of Theresa’s friend. She is going to confide him that is has fallen in love with Ben. So, we offer you a little romance that happen on a nice place. Would you be Theresa’s big support?