At the Office Game

At the Office At the Office. Amanda has a long experience as an office manager. She is very precise and well organized person, characteristics that have helped her gain that experience and be considered as a really good worker, everywhere she worked. At the moment Amanda doesn’t have a job, but probably that won’t last for long since she is already called by one company and today is her first day at work there. The owner of the company believed that this girl will be a good choice and that’s why he called her but at the moment she has such difficulties to find the keys from the drawer where they have been keeping the documents.

Actually it is not Amanda’s fault at all. The person that worked there before in the same company was organizing the things very bad. He was very untidy in his work and he didn’t take care where he leaves the important documents and objects. Probably that is the reason why this person doesn’t work here anymore but that’s not something Amanda should be worried about.

Since she likes this company and she believes that her place is here, she will do her best to bring the order in the company and make sure that everything is well organized so the whole team could work without any obstacle. But first, it would be nice for Amanda to leave a good impression and find those keys so she could start her concrete work as soon as possible. Let’s help her a bit to make the first step to her new place of work.

At the Office is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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