Zookeeper Sam Game

Zookeeper Sam Zookeeper Sam. Meet Sam. He is working in the ZOO for few years and he really loves his job. Initially he adores animals and that’s why he has decided to take this responsibility – to be a zookeeper. Every day at his work is a new enjoy since the animals are like his children. He gets to know them since they are babies and they grow up in the ZOO, so he is a witness of every day in their life, knows how they live, how they breath. And in this game, that kind of a man will be our guide on a tour through the Zoo.

Every different level from the game will be a different sight of the Zoo, meeting different animals. Sam will explain you his main responsibilities there but also he will tell you something more about the animals, so you would feel really welcomed there. Besides your walk and learning some interesting details about the zoo and the animals, you will also enjoy looking for some hidden items. Actually that is the condition for moving into a next level and seeing new things – to find all items that are given on the list. Once you are done with that, you open a new level, until you are done with all of them, and finish the whole game, including your wonderful walk. We hope you’ll have an excellent time there!

Zookeeper Sam is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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