Wrong Wish Game

Wrong Wish Wrong Wish. Well love is crazy and so unpredictable! We may think that we have selected the best choice for us but actually there is some force bigger than everything that makes us feel that way. That’s why our partners don’t have to be acceptable to our friends; sometimes they are not even likable. And that doesn’t matter in case that we have a good relationship with someone who cares about us, but there are many cases when stubbornness has leaded to very bad relationships. Also there are cases when the other one is playing prince or princess charming until they win someone’s heart and after that they start taking advantage from him/her and so on – so many people, so many different loves.

Madeline is very young and inexperienced. That’s why people around her were so terrified when she felt in love with Frederic. She was crazy I love with him but people around her could see something that she didn’t see. They were suspected that wasn’t the right guy for her, that there is something wrong with him but it turned out that it was something more than they could ever imagine – Frederick was a vampire!

Madeline has wished to be with Frederick forever and now he realizes that this was a wrong wish so she is desperate to take it back since she knows he is a vampire. Madeline now is looking for ways how to get out of his home and save. Let’s see what is going on in that vampire’s castle and help Madeline escape from there.

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