Wrong Direction

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Wrong DirectionWrong Direction. Traveling is one of the best human activities that give people a lot. The experience we get by travelling somewhere, especially on a new place, such that we have never been, is precious. You get the chance to meet new people, try new food, see new interesting environment and venues, even having the experience of a cultural shock, if you are somewhere very diversed than the place you live, or the culture group you belong. They say traveling makes us better and smarter people. And one thing is for sure, when we return home, we love our home even more then before, because we surely missed it for a while.

Together with his family, Steven went on a weekend camping close to the wood’s lake. This is the first visit of the place and Steven doesn’t really know the way to the chosen destination. Following the signs, he makes a wrong turning and catches a wrong destination. The next moment, Steven and the company arrives in an abandoned camp. Steven is being lost together with his family and for them he is the most afraid.

He has heard stories about monsters that are wolf alike and that they can be really scary. The head of the family must find a way to run away from here and to return back to the right way. It is your turn to help these people find their way and finally arrive on the chosen point. It is not going to be easy, but the mission is important, you are going to safe few endangered people.

Think faster how Steven can find the right direction and afford his wife and children the weekend of the dreams. We are sure he would to the same for you. Imagine you are very strong and able to fight dangerous monsters.Good luck!

Wrong Direction is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.