Wrapped in Beauty Game

Wrapped in Beauty Wrapped in Beauty. Well even if the travel agencies are usually offering us the same places for vacation, the famous commercial destinations like Paris or Rome, we could sometimes feel tired from those offers. It seems as we know everything about those places just for the commercials and while some of them succeed to attract us, some of them make us want something new, something we haven’t heard about before but is also exciting and beautiful. It could be a smaller town or a village or maybe some hidden mountain place, a place near the lake or anything, there is not a proof that the famous destinations will make us feel happier or we would have better time there.

Sharon for example has decided to spend a weekend in the native village of her husband. She knew about this place but she has never visit it before. Since the house where he lived was ruined, they decided to stay for the weekend at the house of his relatives and explore together the interesting nature that surrounds the place.

This village seems to be forgotten by everyone, almost as if nobody lives there more anymore but again there is something really special in it, something that spreads in the air like some kind of magic and makes you feel good and fulfilled. Sharon decides to take a walk and see the nature by her own but she could not believe to her eyes that there is such a wonderful place on earth… We could be a great company for Sharon, so let’s make this walk together.

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