Words of Wisdom Game

Words of WisdomWords of Wisdom. Usually it is very interesting spending our time with our friends, doing some interesting activity, but sometimes we are simply out of inspiration and we feel bored together, no matter how close we are or how good our communication is. Well the following game is one great idea how to have one unusual evening with your friends and something that could really be done in real life.

All the friends are gathered in the house of one of them and the host decides to hide some objects in the rooms of the house. There are certain objects but between them, there is also one small piece of paper with some wise note written on it. There is one of those notes in each room and there are 5 rooms in total. Actually that is the basis of the game – five levels with list of 10 objects that need to be found in each one of them, including the wise note. When you find the note, it appears all over the screen, so you could learn something interesting from it. It would be nice if you discuss these words of wisdom together with your friends.

Words of Wisdom is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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