Words of Love

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Words of LoveWords of Love. Each of us have once or more times been in a situation to be madly in love and forget about the world around us. When two people are crazy about each other, than simply nothing can stop them, as they are the strongest in the world. And they say, when you are with the person you love for five hours, it might look to you as if it is only five minutes. That is maybe the easiest way the theory of relativity to be explained. But, love can’t always be happy. Sometimes there are things that stay on her way and she simply isn’t strong enough to fight for her place under the sun.

But, if love stands on firm legs, than nothing can stop her and influence her. That fight might be very difficult, but the result is tremendous. Those loves stay alive forever. One is in big delusion, if he or she thinks that that comes from the sky, that true love falls simply from up there and gets to you because you were simply a good person.

Words of Love. Our today’s characters are madly in love with each other, but they don’t spend enough time together. The girl named Barbara is madly in love with David. But, unfortunately the both of them don’t have the chance to spend a lot of time together, since David has been forced to live in another town due to his new job. Barbara has decided to fight the loneliness at has started to write love songs that she dedicated to David. She looks for the inspiration and she finds it at the places both of them go together when he is free. Barbara looks for objects that remind her of David and starts writing. Help her find all the things that bring back her memory of David when he is not around and the things that warm up her heart the most.