Wonderful Holidays Game

Wonderful Holidays Wonderful Holidays. Spending your summer vacation on an exotic island is not a thing that everyone can afford. As a matter of fact many people spent their holidays in the city and in their homes. Thats the way it is. But if you want to relax your brain then you can enter Wonderful Holidays. In here you can explore a beautiful island that will take your breath away. Sound tempting? Well, yes it is. Try it!

Welcome to the exotic island that will leave you speechless. Of course as any other tourist you want to see everything there is to see. So we are giving you different types of pictures from this enchanting place and you can enjoy in them. But dont think that we will leave you without a specific task. So, in any given picture you need to find a list of objects. There are items that are written at the bottom of the screen and you have to show us how good of a perception you have and find them as fast as you can. Of course the pictures are full of different things so you need to look into the small stuff and into the details to locate all the objects you are looking for. If you get stuck along the way, you can press the hint button and we will show you where one of the items is placed. But dont do that very often because after all, the goal is to do it all by yourself. There is no big philosophy in Wonderful Holidays. You just need to be patient and look everywhere even the most illogical locations.

Put your hand on the computer mouse and you are good to go. Move the mouse all over the picture during your inspection of the place. The second you spot an item that is on the list just place the arrow over it and click twice on the left button. The object will disappear from the picture and you can focus on the next item. As we said there arent any big explanations, you just have to have the eyes of an eagle and work fast. Of course, have fun while you are doing all of that

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