Wolf’s Den Game

Wolf's Den Wolf’s Den. Have you ever heard about the Ahmar Mountain? It is about a very big and beautiful mountain but not many people visit it because of its inhabitants. We are not talking about some inhospitable people, but we are talking about wolfs. On this mountain you can find the biggest wolf’s habitats and dens so it’s actually very dangerous to go there or spend a lot of time. However, there is something more this place is famous for. It’s the Captain Jack’s treasure. The captain was pretty smart when he decided to hide his treasure here, concerning the Ahmar Mountain as the safest place in the world.

He believed that people will be too scared to come and search here and he was actually right. Everyone is too scared to come here and spend more time in the mountain because those wolfs seem to rule the place. They walk everywhere and their voice can be heard all through the mountain, so no one dared to come here. And there is no information if the captain took his treasure after that, or if there were some people that managed to find it, despite the hosts of the mountain.

There are no rumors that the treasure is not there anymore so we believes that everything is as it was left by Captain Jack. Well our expedition is actually brave enough so we are here at the place, looking for the great treasure. We have to be very careful because other way we will become easy prey for wolves and no treasure is more valuable than our lives.

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