Wistful Memories Game

Wistful MemoriesWistful Memories. Life happens One day we are just small worriless children that spend their days running around. Without thinking seriously about anything and the next day we are already grownups with children and some responsible job, and numerous bills to pay And when we are talking about our childhood, usually there is some place that brings us our memories. Some place that we recall in our mind when we feel sad and lonely. Maybe some place that we visited often when we were young, maybe the place where we met our first sympathy. Try some things for the first time For our main character in the game, grandparents farm is the place that brings wistful memories.

Maybe the farm is same again but everything else isn’t. Now the life is different, the priorities are different so our character is yearning about something that used to make her happy in the past After long time, she is again at this farm and she is exploring every corner of the place, to bring back the memories but also that feeling of happiness that followed that period of her life. Lets look around this wonderful place together and see what is so special about it.

Wistful Memories is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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