Winter House Game

Winter House Winter House. Spring gently wakes up the smells, summer is great by its hot wetter and the activities related to that, the autumn has the most amazing colors while the winter definitely makes the most beautiful landscapes. Just imagine a winter house up in the mountain, all covered up with snow, then around you eternal whiteness, spreading all over the whole region, the threes are heavy from the layers of snow but still wonderful, perhaps some frozen lake near the house… A real snowy idyll! All of that is included in the following game. There are wonderful winter scenes related to this house in the mountain, but is not only about it.

We know what snowflakes are but ‘Snowflake’ is also the name of one small white kitty that was in the house few minutes ago, but it suddenly disappeared. We are sure that you will be glad to take part in the search and bring the little kitty before it becomes too cold because this cat is home cat and it’s not accustomed to the cold weather and the snow.

Winter House is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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