Winter Adventure Game

Winter Adventure Winter Adventure. Andrea usually stays at home every winter but she has always wanted to go on a winter holiday, somewhere on a mountain where the snow stays longer, making wonderful landscapes that take the breath away. This year Andrea decided that she would be staying at her friend Loren who loves in a small mountain village. She is looking forward to breathe the fresh air in the mountain, going on long walks and enjoying the snow.

Andrea has arrived at the small city and she won’t waste her time but she will take a long walk right away. For the first day she has chosen to walk through the surroundings of the city and visit the local mountain which is quite close. Walking around Andrea has really enjoyed everything around her, especially the showy landscapes that followed her all around. Walking like that Andrea discovered an old abandoned castle and started exploring it. Searching around she has found out that the castle belonged to the ancient knights but she also found out something really interesting and worth for further exploring.

Namely, she found out that near the castle there is a cave where those knights have hidden their treasures. Perhaps someone has found that treasure before, but Andrea is very curious and she likes to see if there is anything left. It would be nice if we search around together and see what was happening in those mountains many years ago.

Winter Adventure is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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