Wings of Hope Game

Wings of HopeWings of Hope. Becoming a pilot is very hard and responsible job that asks for a lot of commitment. The person that likes to do that has to be in a good physical condition but also he has to be good mentally because he will be facing a lot of stress every day, even if there isn’t some complicated situation. Those are the conditions for becoming a pilot, but the effort does not stop here. You need to take lessons for flying to get a proper degree and after that you still cant start working because you need to have experience of about 3000 hours in wind, to be prepared enough. And when you start working, the obligations continue. By reason that you are taking care of so many people up in the air, you should always get enough sleep and be alert during the flights. But sometimes even if everything is all right, it may happen the plane to have some kind of defect. That happened to our friend here, this young pilot whose planes engine broke down. The plane crashed in the jungle and luckily she stayed alive. Now it is time to survive in that jungle and find a way to get out of there.

Wings of Hope is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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