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Wilson’s Garage Sale

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Wilson's Garage SaleWilson’s Garage Sale. A garage sale is definitely one of the most practical things that people do. In some parts of the world this practice is not that typical but that is a very nice tradition in America. As you probably know, a garage sale is an informal, irregularly scheduled event where people sell used goods, without sales taxes, without business licenses, just a good will. Some items that are not useful for a certain person are really necessary and preferred for other person, especially if they are given on a lower price. And those items could sometimes be completely new, sometimes like-new or just usable, but that is all good since different buyers have different needs.

Sometimes garage sales are consisted of selling house things, furniture or something that is used in the house like pots, pans, household or something similar; then old or useless clothes; sport’s stuff, old cd-s and gramophones, books, even pieces of art like paintings or sculptures…

In the following game we will visit one typical American garage sale. As we’ve mentioned before, this practice is typical mostly for the Americans so you will see something completely authentic. On this garage sale there are so many interesting things, so many interesting objects that are not needed for their owners anymore. On those garage sales could be also found really valuable antiques, just that you need to observe very carefully. Let’s take a look at the sale and find something useful and rather new for use, or something valuable.