Wild West Trader Game

Wild West TraderWild West Trader. Every vendor wants to sell for the cheapest price, and every seller wants to get the most prize he could. When their interests meet in one point, than they make a deal or popularly told – they do business. Since the trading system has been involved in humans’ history, it only evolves and gets different forms and models, but the point is all the same. How to make the best deal be in your favor? And money weren’t always the good that everybody dreamed of. Sometimes people traded by direct exchange of goods and without money. They called that bartering.

Wild West Trader. Then came the period of the valuable metals, like gold was (and still is). But, that was a bit complicated system. And when money came on board everything changed. That worthy paper simply changed people’s lives. It still is the most important thing for modern society, a lot of people believe. We are all focused on earning more and more. And it is never enough, because human eyes and appetites grow from day to day, and modesty seems to be the characteristic not specific for nowadays.

And sometimes people are so blind and occupied with earning as much money as possible, so they forget all the little nice things that actually really make us happier and satisfied with life. Our today’s main character is Franklin – one of the first traders on the Wild west. He found out that he can easily make money by buying old objects from one town. After he buys these objects, he sells them in another town and off course for bigger price. Our player is helping Franklin and he is his right hand in the discovering of the old worthy objects. We are offering interesting challenge, don’t we?

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