Wicked Roots Game

Wicked Roots Wicked Roots Game: When someone that is in a close relationship to us is in trouble. We are willing to do everything in order to help him and make him feel better. It’s like some piece of us is not on its right place and we couldn’t calm down unless everything is complete. People are prepared to go miles and miles, just to find the answer or the cure the will help our mate. Giving incredible efforts and energy in order to accomplish our goal.

Tara is a young wizard, coming from the town called Baroda. Her magical powers are great, all her life she has been helping people around her. Finding different cures for everyone until this moment that has changed her whole life and made her feel helpless.

The thing that made her feel even worse was that it was about her brother. Kent was sick a whole year from some mysterious sickness. And even Tara could not find anything that will help him and take him out of the bed. Tara was thinking about this situation for a quite long time and finally she came up to the idea that the cure might be found in a castle in the place known as Wicked Tree. This idea is completely uncertain but however, she has to try everything if she wants to help her brother. Which means going that far and starting this long quest.

Since Tara has helped so many people before, she surely deserves your help in this hard moment. So we are sure that it would be a pleasant responsibility for you to get to that strange place and look for a solution for Tara’s problem. You’ll be searching together and looking for some objects that will help her make the cure for her brother. Finally enjoy playing Wicked Roots Game.

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