Who Let the Dog Out Game

Who Let the Dog Out Who Let the Dog Out. Carol and her brother Willie have a little doggy. They have the dog since they were very young and they love him really much. His name is Christopher and they can’t imagine their lives without him. Carol and Willie spend their time with the dog, they take him to walks, give him food, play with him…so you may imagine how did they feel when they realized that Christopher has disappeared from their home this morning.

Someone has left the door open and the dog has disappeared. He might run away from the house but also there is a chance that someone has stolen it and that’s why Carol and Willie are very sad in this desperate situation. Looking for an answer what has happen, they decide to ask from the other children from the same street to help them find the dog.

They organize them really well so they all start looking for the dog, thinking if someone has seen him in meantime. It would be very nice if you take part in this search and help Carol and her brother Willie find their pet before it’s too late. We all hope that Christopher is safe and waits to be found…

Who Let the Dog Out is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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