Whispers from the Walls Game

Whispers from the Walls Whispers from the Walls. It is like that in life, even for people who are on high positions in the society. Sometimes people have everything but no one knows what could happen in the following moment. Eleonora for example, used to be a princess that enjoyed a high-class life before. On the other hand, her father’s kingdom was overthrown by an evil emperor and they lost everything they had. This situation proved that we can’t be 100% sure about anything.

The problem to be even bigger, at this moment Eleonora’s parents are held as hostages. Actually she is blackmailed to retrieve a magic potion from the castle that her grandfather built many years ago. The evil emperor has conquered this place but his soldiers are afraid to go there. There are numerous rumors that spread around for many years, about magic curses and demonic spirits. Supposedly those issues lurk in the abandoned fortress so they are all afraid that something could happen to them.

Try this interesting game, full of mysteries and try to find the answers of this unusual situation. At the same time help Eleonora and her parents deal with the situation and win the throne once again, of course if that is possible.

Whispers from the Walls is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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