Whispering Lullaby Game

Whispering Lullaby Whispering Lullaby. Children singing usually make a wonderful noise, everyone likes to her their sounds, is like angel’s singing but perhaps is not always like that. Many, many years ago, back in the 17th century, something strange was happening to the inhabitants of one small coastal city that they even had to move out from there, no matter if they want it or not. The whole city was possessed by some weird noises that could be heard every night and they lasted until the morning. Those were actually children’s voices, whispering lullabies.

That is what would you think at first but actually those voices came from children ghosts! Knowing about them, the inhabitants of the city were terrified every night at 12 o’clock when this scary lullaby started and instead of sleeping, they stayed sleepless every night. Those people could not afford another night without a dream; they were so tired and exhausted so they decided to leave the place and go somewhere far from those noises. However, this problem has to be solved and the church sent its representatives at the place, to take care of those children ghosts.

This is quite rare problem so who knows what should be expected but let’s hope that the representatives would bring some peace in that place and bring back those people to their homes.

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