Where Time has Stopped Game

Where Time has Stopped Where Time has Stopped. Perhaps we live in a time when everyone rushes somewhere, always trying to get to a point right on time. On the other hand, even though time seems so precious, somehow we are always late for somewhere, especially when it comes to meeting our friends. In those cases we are always late. If we have an agreement to meet in 5 o’clock, that means 5 and 15 and we always say that we don’t have enough time…

However, in the small town Sarton things are not like that. In the city there is one of the oldest clock towers in the country. People that live there appreciate the time very much and almost no one is late. In that town it also seems as the time has stopped, as nothing have changed the last 50 years. Things go on, everything changes, but not in this place.

One day something unexpected happen in Sarton. All citizens of the place are disturbed and nervous because the city clock stopped showing time, it simply stopped working. All people that live in Sarton started organizing themselves in groups with an aim to makes something with the clock, to make it work again. You will play as one of the citizens of Sarton who also tries to take care of the problem. The adventure may begin!

Where Time has Stopped is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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