Where are my keys

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Game Details

Where are my keysWhere are my keys. There are turn periods in life. Something could in one way for a longer time and then suddenly something exciting happens – new job, new place of living, new love… In our case it is about one young man that has found a new job, he was living in a smaller city but this job is in bigger city and he had to move there so he could do his job. He rents a small apartment near to the new working place, and today is his first day at work. He prepares himself for work, searches for his best clothes that could make him look as representative as possible. And when is everything over, it is time for him to leave his apartment.

He feels little bit nervous but he things that everything will be OK when he gets there, and meets his new colleagues, his superiors, everyone! But, there has to be one ‘but’ in every situation – he can’t find his keys! He is in a real rush, the time is running and he likes to leave an excellent first impression at work, but he still can’t leave his home! This is so unpleasant problem that could give him troubles, even a dismissal from work, and he hasn’t started working yet!

In this situation our friend will need a little help. And you could really help him if you decide to spend some time training your observational skills. This cute game is divided into levels, and each level is a different part of this guy’s house. In each level there is a list of the objects that need to be found, including the keys. We hope you will help him get to his working place.

Where are my keys is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.