Western Railway Game

Western Railway Western Railway. During the second half of the nineteenth century. The American railways system has flourished. Many of the cities and towns began to be interconnected by railroad lines. Which were counted an asset by most of the Americans. Because the railroad system has enabled them to travel around their country. Both for pleasure and for serving one’s needs.

Western Railway. At the time of the expansion off the railroad system. It has become popular for people to get involved. In the railroad business from different perspectives. An especially popular profession at the time was railroad expert. A job that demanded engineering skills and knowledge. Combined with a sense for the people’s needs, attitudes and tempers. Sharon and Paul are experts in railroad traffic. Who have developed their own company. For delivering services to the American railway system. And until 1870 it has become one of the most successful companies in the business. Our player has been recently employed in the company. And his main objective at the beginning is to get acquainted with his job responsibilities. Through mingling with his future coworkers and to get a feeling for the business as a whole.

At the sole start of the game. He has to decide who he would like to work with – whether it would be Sharon or Paul. And afterwards, the events in the game progress accordingly to this choice he makes. Then his employers give him a detailed description of his job duties and a precise task. Which he has to work on and deliver stated expected results. While developing good relations with his coworkers. This game will provide the player with a pleasure of discovering information about the settlement. And circumstances surrounding the development of the American railway system during the second half of 19th century. And will give him the pleasure of involvement in building the hugely important ‘Western Railways’.

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