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Welcome to SpringrockWelcome to Springrock. It is spring time, the season in the year we all admire. Except for those who maybe have direct problems with allergies or something that affects their health. The spring calls us out side. It tells us to leave our homes, to leave the four walls, and our comfortable sofas and TV spots or computer. To grab a ball, or some social game, put some sneakers on and go outside. You can choose the meadow that is few kilometers next to you, or if there is not such a thing, choose to drive far from home.

Thought it might seem to you that you need to prepare too much for just few hours for fun, but the believe it. The benefit is bigger than the effort you put to prepare for the picnic. You can choose to prepare some food easy to make, or even buy some breads or rolls or crackers. Take few bottles of water or juice, put some smile on and go out. Unfortunately, in the late decades, we seem to have forgotten to enjoy the nature, to stay in touch with it. We have so much run away from where we belong. We are part of the nature, and still due to the modern technology we entered very comfortable zone that makes us lazy. And the fresh air gives us energy, it gives us clear thoughts and better capacity to stand the day and do things.

Our hero of the day – Karen is great admirer of the nature and enjoys long walks alone and with her friends. Today she visited the national park Springrock and wants to take a good look at it. So starts to walk the lanes that have been marked. She stands on the marked picnic places and she researches each detail. Karen’s goal is to arrive the exit of the national park where the most famous picnic place is situated.

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