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Weekend SaleWeekend Sale. No matter where do you live, shopping when discounts are reigning in the shopping centers is a provocative activity, especially to girls and women. Then, you will buy things that you don’t even need, but, knowing that they are chipper, that is enough. We all know the women’s expression – ‘it was a offer one should not miss’. And merchants know how to win over your attention. How many times you’ve had the situation of loving some piece of clothe so much, but it was too expensive at the ordinary price. And you spend weeks and weeks walking by the window display wondering when would the ‘thing’ go on discount. When that happens, there is no happier person than you.We all have on mind the image when people are waiting for hours and hours for the shops to be opened on the famous Black Friday, and that the shopping battle begins.

In our new game for you for today, we remind you of that weekend euphoria sales in your local shopping mall. Creative managers would do anything possible to attract more and more customers to enter their stores and even more, spend some money. They even organize parties for your children so they would be amused, while you go through their products carefully.

In the City Shopping Mall once a month a weekend sale is being organized. Then, all the stores in the Mall offer big discounts. The shopping center employees that weekend are fed up with a lot of work. Patrick and Helen are the mall’s managers. Our player has the role of their assistant and his assignment for today is to the retail vendors in the shopping center. The customers are already creating big queue in front of the stores’ entrances. Our player should manage to find the objects and the clothes that they are looking for.