Wedding Planner Game

Wedding-Planner Wedding planner seems to be the job of the future. It is not something completely new but in this fast way of living people have less and less time for themselves and when it comes about something that big as a wedding, it is better someone else to finish the job for you.

At the same time the wedding trends have changed so much and they differ from wedding to wedding. Some people still want to have a simple wedding but others like everything to be glamorous followed by numerous details which demands a great organization. And it could be handled easily at the first case but if someone wants a bigger wedding, the wedding planner could be necessary.

One young couple is about to get married. They have been together for a longer period and they’ve decided to continue their relationship with this step. Both of them have full time jobs so they live to hire a wedding planner that will organize the event with perfection. The couple has a certain amount of money saved for the wedding so they give that budget to the planner. The wedding planner’s job is to think smart what will do with the money and how to manage them carefully in order to have enough for meet the wishes of the newlyweds. That means finding the right band, to separate enough money for that, for the restaurant, illumination, chairs, table… Let’s see how this procedure will go and with the young ones happy and long marriage.

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