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Wedding Magic Wedding Magic. Today is The Day, Amanda is getting married. Like every other girl she has been dreaming about her wedding since she was very young. She knew how her dress would look like, where the wedding ceremony would be… Well ok, she was not one of those girls obsessed with weddings, just a girl that likes beautiful things and believes in wedding magic. Also she is a very organized person so she has hired a wedding planning agency, to make sure that everything will be in best order when she’ll tell the significant ‘Yes, I do.’ Another important thing is that Amanda is marrying the man of her dreams, and she also has the best bridesmaids in the whole world – Martha and Debra!

And there are only few hours before the wedding, everyone is trilled, waiting for the beginning, but it seems that sometimes things can’t go as it was planned. No, it’s not the rain or the terrible weather that factor that makes troubles but it’s the wedding planning agency, believe it or not! Just before the wedding, they have made a little mess with the personal stuff of the girls, and now they are spread in Amanda’s house but also around the house! Well that’s something really terrible, isn’t it?!

Our job now is to help Amanda and her bridesmaids find the objects that are lost. There is no time, they are in a terrible hurry so Martha and Debra, but especially Amanda, will be very, very thankful if you help them before it’s too late and the wedding day is completely ruined. No girl deserves a bad wedding, right? So let’s start searching right away.

Wedding Magic is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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