Voice in the Dark Game

Voice in the Dark Voice in the Dark. We have often heard or seen in the movies about people that talk with the dead. Also there are numerous stories about ghosts or zombies, about unfinished missions of the dead that has to be fulfilled in order to get peace and who knows what else but everything seems to be a speculation. This is something really strange since we don’t have any certain information about what happens with the souls after dead. Every religion and believing has its own explanation and everyone could believe in whatever he thinks is right but no one doesn’t know how the things work for sure.

Something sad has happened in Mr. Richard’s family. His wife Veronica has suddenly died. It’s been a while since his wife has died and the sorrow is quite big but at the same time there is something strange happening together with the unpleasant out come in Mr. Richard’s life. After the death of his wife, he started hearing some strange and incomprehensible voices and noises that scare him to death every night.

Those noises come from the lower part of the house and Mr. Richard is quite sure that this has some kind of a connection with his wife’s death. He strongly believes that she likes to tell him something. Help Mr. Richard look around the house and find out what is making those noises.

Voice in the Dark is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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