Vinyl Treasure Game

Vinyl Treasure Vinyl Treasure. Some time ago it seemed that the gramophone records will become just a part of the history. The audio cassettes and then the CD-s have replaced them completely but lately it seems that the vinyl becomes modern once again. There are many people that like to collect gramophone records and appreciate the sound that comes from them. Therefore, there are many collectors of vinyl who passionately look for the recordings. Even though many of them are lost or damaged.

Eva loves to listen to music but also she is a passionate collector of gramophone records. Her grandfather was also a great admirer of gramophone records and he had a huge vinyl collection. However, her grandfather was not aware that between those records there were six really rare vinyl records that today cost a lot of money.

And it’s not just about money, their value is actually priceless because they simply can’t be found anywhere! Eva remembers that her grandfather had those rare records. So she decides to go to the house where her grandfather lived and look for those rare gramophone records before something happens to them. Nothing is safe from the time so Eva likes to protect this vinyl treasure. And include those gramophone records in her collection of rare gramophone records.

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