Vintage Treasures Game

Vintage TreasuresVintage Treasures. Deborah is a person that likes to live in the present but on the other hand, she really appreciates the past. She believes that our past defines how are we today, everything that we did or had, has an influence on our today living. She especially appreciated old objects, believing that each one of them has the energy of what has happen before, the energy of one past time that some time ago was actually present.

This girl lives in a huge house and during the years she has collected so many different antiques and old objects. Each of those objects has a special value and reminds her of something that has happen in the past. However, since she doesn’t have courage to throw away those objects, her house, even though it is so big, doesn’t have any space for anything more. It is so accumulated that she definitely needs some more space. The moment when Deborah needs to take rid of those objects has come so she has decided to do a little clean in the house. Since she doesn’t like to throw away anything, she will organize a garage sale. That way those objects won’t take her space and someone will continue taking care of them.

Since Deborah is a very passionate collector, all those objects have a certain value since they are so old. She believes that she will manage to sell most of them but also she believes that the costumers will recognize the real value of the objects.

Vintage Treasures is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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