Vintage Dream Game

Vintage Dream Vintage Dream. Resettlement, moving from one place to another, is not easy for no one. Even if we are moving to a better place, the procedure of moving is followed by so many responsibilities that the final entering into the new place seems so far and so demanding… And what about moving from one continent to another? Well that’s a big challenge, having in mind all those cultural differences that make diverse those two continents. Mary has actually done that.

Exactly 30 years ago she has moved from America into Europe. She was feeling ok in her country but she was always fascinated by the spirit of the old continent, its culture, its sights and that’s how she decided to move there. While she was in America, Mary had a best friend – Patricia and today Mary comes to her hometown after 30 years and those two friends will meet again after so many years.

The feeling of this meeting is amazing; it simply can’t be expressed by words since it is something that makes those two ladies very, very happy. Mary visits her friend in her apartment and she finds herself very surprised that the place looks same as before 30 years! People change, everything changes, but not Patricia’s apartment so it wakes up many interesting memories for Mary, as the time has stopped for the place. For Mary this is all like some vintage dream that she’s having in this moment…

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