Village of the Damned

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Game Details

Village of the DamnedVillage of the Damned. Grace is a young woman of about 30. She is living a normal life but there is something unusual that mixes into her life and makes a real mess out of it, even though she is trying her best everything to be all right. It is about those dreams, actually about those nightmares that come to her every night. As a matter of fact race has the same dreams every night, again and again and she has tried to make something about them, to make them stop, but they are still here, a whole year by now.

This young woman has been trying to find the way out of those nightmares but she couldn’t find the way that could bring peace to her and that’s why she decided to face the problem. Actually race was dreaming about one particular place all this time – about a village that she is visiting every night in her dreams.

Who knows how this place would look like since it is about a village of the cursed, there are only people that have learnt to live with their nightmares in great fear. Grace wants to find the house of her dreams, the house that comes in front of her every night no matter what and discover is she always in that place.

Village of the Damned is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.