Vampires Sweet Dream

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Game Details

Vampires Sweet DreamVampires Sweet Dream. Damn those love stories! They are all different, and most of them, quite complicated! But it seems like the vampires have the hardest ones! OK, that is somehow reasonable, since they usually fell in love with real girls and that kind of a relationship is hard to keep… For example, do you remember Victor, the vampire from Kiss Of Eternal Life?

He had some troubles with this chick that he met even before he was a vampire and then he wanted to turn her into a vampire too, so they could live happily ever after… Well that’s quite a story! Or we may say that perhaps Victor is the one with complicated relationships, maybe not all vampires, since he is in a new trouble again.

In this case that action of the game takes place in a castle in the Middle Ages. For a certain period of time Victor can’t sleep. He simply can’t find his peace and take a decent rest. And since vampires sleep daily, that’s even a bigger trouble – he is awake and the whole room should be in dark since vampires don’t take the light well… But also there is one girl too, a girl that steals his dreams… a nice princess… Now Victor enters into the castle with an aim to steal the peaceful sleep from the girl, because only that way he could have a peaceful sleep for himself. Now you could realize in what kind of a trouble Victor is, so let’s help him bring back his dreams.

Vampires Sweet Dream is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.