Vampire Trap Game

Vampire Trap Vampire Trap. What about some mystery and spooky story for today? When we are bored from everyday life. We simply need to dive into some fantasy, invent a story with strange creatures. What about some vampire story? Imagine you are placed in a house that is full of danger, of vampires you want to do a harm to you? You would do anything to safe your life and get out of there without one hair to be missed from your head.

In the old abandoned house far away from the eyes of the normal people, there live two vampires Demitri and Sandor and the vampire woman Zola. No one dares to judge their property. But sometimes it happens so that some stray voyager by accident can enter deeply into their property. And he or she will have to meet with the vampires who live here.

First they give few tasks and if he finished it successfully, he will be released. If not, he will be trapped forever on the vampire’s property. Now, put yourself into the victims shoes and do anything you can to help this scared person. Don’t forget that doing good things to people can only be returned with goodness for you!

Vampire Trap is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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