Vampire Riddles Game

Vampire Riddles Vampire Riddles. Today we tell the story of a small village that desperately needs our help. Peaceful villagers live their happy lives in a small village. One evening, during a showering thunderstorm, a vampire comes in the village by accident. But, he ended up to like it and decided to make it his home. Vampires were real creatures infesting the peasant villages of Eastern Europe and sucking the blood of their inhabitants. We all know this bloodsucking creatures from books and films and how they seduced their victims to invite them in their home and suck their blood. Our evil vampire’s name is Azazel.

Now our player has to save the village for a safe return of the villagers. But, as you already assumed this is not an easy task. The vampire has thought of a difficult scheme that only a few can solve. Would you dare? If you do, you have to solve all Azazel’s riddles.

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