Vampire Academy Game

Vampire Academy Vampire Academy. Mentioning the idea of becoming a vampire may sound strange for someone. Assuming that vampires wake up the feeling of scariness in us and they are usually related to certain unwanted events. On the other hand, have you ever thought about all the skills that vampires have?! They are definitely above humans in many aspects and their work should be appreciated, that is for sure. And don’t think that vampires are born just like that. In their case it is also about learning and proper trainings that make them stronger and more skilled. Also there are institutions where they get their knowledge and now you are about to discover something more about the functioning of one of them.

Sebastian and Zetta are vampires, owners of the academy for vampires. Today they have a group of students that like to be a part of this academy. Their intention is to be accepted in the Academy and become future vampires. However, like in any other Academy, first thing that needs to be done is to pass the entrance exam and for that purpose, they have to be well prepared.

Sebastian and Zetta have prepared them few tasks that need to be solved in order to pass the exam. And those tasks are pretty demanding so the new students have to be very dedicated to then and try to complete them with a great success if they like to continue in this academy. Let’s learn something about the vampires and the problems they are dealing with on their way to become actual vampires.

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