Valentine’s Surprise Game

Valentine's Surprise Valentine’s Surprise. Mmm, Valentine’s Day, one of the happiest and most festive days in the year. And how could it be when it is all about love on Valentine. The ones that are in love and in a relationship, find certain ways how to show their love to the loved ones – buy some sweet present, some expensive vine, organize a nice evening, some even make something creative, all of that in the spirit of love and happiness. This is also a perfect date to the tell one you like that you care for him/her… so many acts associated with love! With two words – a really happy day for everyone.

Exactly before 10 years, the our character has asked his love to be his wife. As he says, 10 years together are not a small thing. That is something serious and asks for a lot of commitment, trust and balancing, and of course – a lot of love. Seems that it all went great for those two love birds since they kept their harmony for all those years.

Since it’s the tenth anniversary from their marriage, they both feel special on this day. Our character likes to make a huge surprise for his wife this time so he is asking for your help – to help him organize a wonderful romantic dinner. He likes to be a surprise so he is organizing everything very carefully. First he should do is to clean up the apartment and then start preparing the dinner. This might be a lot of job to do but with your help he will make the whole dinner perfect. Let’s help him manage that!

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