Unusual Assignment

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Unusual AssignmentUnusual Assignment. August Gordon is a very famous painter, with a great reputation and excellent career behind him. The art is Augusts’ life and he relates it with every field of his life. That’s why his house is decorated amazingly; his furnishings are also quite valuable and unique. Besides that, his home is actually his studio so he has his complete equipment there, together with his greatest pieces of art. August has been living in this place for a longer period and now he has decided to move in a new home that would be even more adaptable to his needs.

On the other hand, Arthur owns a company for relocations and he gets the task to move August Gordon to another place. It is a task like every other but at the same time it is very complicated because August owns so many tiny and valuable things. All his furnishing, together with the valuable pieces and his painting equipment have to be moved on the new location, so August has to be really careful what is doing because he would be dealing with quite gentle stuff and expensive at the same time because we are dealing with a painter from world rang.

The first task is to find all paints and brushes in the place including the additional tools and place them in the special suitcase, made exactly for our artist, adapted to his needs. Arthur feels that this is quite big challenge because it is not just about household and furnishings but it’s about something more. Let’s help in this task and make everything perfect for the great artist.