Unpleasant Wraith Game

Unpleasant-Wraith Unpleasant Wraith. We have already heard about ghosts that walk among people usually because they have some unfinished work to do. They planned to do something while they were still alive, to go somewhere or they left some kind of a legacy to someone, believing that their word will be appreciated… And when those people didn’t manage to fulfill their wish while they were still alive, according to some claims, they will come back as ghosts.

Lord Jarvis, before he died, wrote a testament where he mentions his son as his only heir of the entire property. This man didn’t have the luck to spend his live with a wife that respected him so just right after his death his wife tears apart the testament and sets herself as an only heir of the whole property! That’s such a terrible thing to do, but there are cruel people in the world as well, that’s a fact. However, Lord Jarvis’ ghost can’t be calm. He starts showing up as a ghosts and he will continue to do that until he doesn’t prove that his son is the only successor of the heritage.

Lord Jarvis realizes that it would be difficult to enforce justice, especially as a ghost but he decides that he can’t stay still, he will finish this job before leaves the earth forever. It is needed to find all pieces from the torn testament and after that, to merge them into one complete piece where could be seen the complete testament. That way Lord Jarvis will prove who is his real heir.

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