Unknown Land Game

Unknown Land Unknown Land. People always think that they know everything and that their truth is the only truth that exists. We don’t like to believe that perhaps there is some superior human species up in the space, even that there could be a tribe that lives completely different life style from us, that doesn’t remind in any point to this urban living that we usually have but it’s still right and people could be actually happy in that tribe…

Some researchers have even tried to bring those tribes into civilizations and it is truth that those people learn very fast but do they really like to leave their first living environment? An explorer adventurist goes on a quest for the hidden treasure of the Karunzi tribe, deep in the forests in the east part of the Himalayas.

He was searching for some time and surprisingly he came upon house with big land used for work that is not recorded on any known map. The explorer names this land Unknown Land and he decides to explore the surroundings even more, to see who was the one that has decided to live so far away, isolated from the urban world and everything that presents everyday for us.

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