Unexpected Visitor Game

Unexpected Visitor Unexpected Visitor. Meet Alice. She is a young girl that likes quiet life, a girl that likes to think about life and dream about different things but since we live in a modern world that doesn’t allow us just to fantasize, she lives and works in the city. However, aside from the city noise and the constant rush, Alice has a cottage located far from the city noise, hidden deep in the woods, just aside the mountain lake. She loves to spend time in her cottage since it is an escape from everything, especially in winter. During this time of the year Alice adores to stay in her small house alone, enjoying the snow and the fresh air, and again enjoying the time spent alone.

She is in her house at the moment but one unexpected call changes her plans. She actually gets a call from her acquaintance Roger, the guy in which she is secretly in love. Roger calls her to tell her that he plans to visit her in the cottage. Usually Alice doesn’t like to visit her in her escape place but this is something completely different. This could be a perfect chance to get closer to Roger, to get to know better and perhaps to start something more than a friendship! That’s why Alice is so excited; she likes to make everything in a perfect order.

She starts cleaning the house for the unexpected visit but she doesn’t have that much time, and that’s why she needs some help from you. You will play as Alice assistance, so let’s don’t waste our time and start cleaning right away.

Unexpected Visitor is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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