Unexpected Trip Game

Unexpected Trip Unexpected Trip. Trips that happen when you at least expect are something very, very interesting. Sometimes this could happen extremely unexpected so you are all confused and don’t know what to start doing first but when the reason for that trip is something beautiful, this confusion stops fast so you are ready to pack the things and go wherever is needed. The thing that happen to Magdalen I definitely one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to anyone and that’s why she received that call with a lot of enthusiasm and it made her really happy.

Having your own child is the best thing but having a niece from a close relative like a sister or brother is also a wonderful thing since we love those children as they are ours. Well Miss Magdalen received an unexpected call from her sister that lives in the south part of the state, reporting her that she has become an aunt for a first time. Her sister was pregnant but the child came little bit earlier so this call was a real surprise. Magdalen likes to pack her things as fast as she can and leave with the first flight but since she has a lot of things to do, she would need your help to organize the things better. We are calling you to help Magdalen pack her stuff in the suitcase and leave the house as soon as she can I order to catch that plane that will take off very, very soon.

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